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News: Seeking Conference Proposal Reviewers

Deadline: June 5. Timeline of Work: July 1-31, at your own pace

May 18, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

AUCD is seeking network members to serve as reviewers for proposals received for the AUCD 2020 Conference. Your time and expertise will have a direct impact on ensuring the content presented at one of the nation's premier disability conferences is of the highest caliber and relevant to over 1,000 attendees. Our goal is to have the task be interesting while not requiring an overwhelming time commitment from reviewers. We are seeking individuals with significant expertise in a variety of topical areas and a diversity of perspectives and representation.

Please consider serving as a reviewer AND pass this invitation along to others who you believe would be good reviewers.

>>To sign up to review conference proposals, fill out this short form by June 5<<

If you have questions about the process, please contact Laura Martin or Tawara Goode.

Thank you for considering serving as a reviewer!

Tawara Goode, 2020 Conference Chair
& the AUCD Conference planning team


  •  A member of the AUCD network with significant familiarity with the mission, membership, and work of AUCD.
  • Available to individually read approximately 30 (based on total number of submissions) proposals (approx. 6 short paragraphs each) and establish their appropriateness for the AUCD Conference, assigning each a score based on pre-determined and posted criteria.
  • Able to use an online system to read and rate the proposals (requirements: high speed internet, reliable computer).
  • Have available time to read and rate proposals during the identified timeframe.

Timeline: July 1-July 31

  1. The entire process is done online; there is no group phone call.
  2. Read assigned proposals on your own time, at your own pace.
  3. Login to the online system, read each proposal, make notes and comments in the online system, and make a recommendation (accept, deny, change proposal format) on each proposal.


  • Each proposal should be reviewed by a minimum of 3 people.
  • AUCD aims to match reviewers with proposals in which they have indicated they have advanced knowledge
  • We are aiming for each reviewer to receive no more than 30 proposals (though this is dependent on the number of proposals received and the number of reviewers who volunteered)
  • Each proposal is made up of several paragraphs answering 3 key questions.
  • Proposals aren't terribly long.

Review Criteria

Proposals submitted to the AUCD Conference will be judged on a set of criteria and scale by a team of individuals from the AUCD network, including staff from UCEDDs and LENDs and IDDRCs, self-advocates and family members, and current or recent network trainees.

  • Interest to the AUCD Membership, Attendees, and the Disability Field as a Whole: 25 points
  • Effectiveness of Information Delivery: 25 points
  • Connection to the Values of the Network: 25 points
  • Proposal Follows the Guidance Provided, is Clearly Organized, and is Well Written: 25 points