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AUCD 2022 Conference


Registration is Open!

Image of a conference attendees in conversation.We welcome network members, non-network organizational partners, experts from all across the disability field, individuals with disabilities, family members, and trainees to learn and grow together during this exciting event. Whether you're a newcomer to the field or a seasoned professional, the AUCD Conference provides countless opportunities to share with and learn from colleagues and peers. 


Registration is open now through Nov. 3!



Opening Plenary

Achieving Equity: Access to Health and Community for All

How do we ensure that all people have equal access to health? It’s more than just health care. From housing to meaningful employment, to access to vaccination sites and a safe trip to the grocery store, people with disabilities and their families experience daily disruptions and are often marginalized when it comes to accessing a broad array of needed services. We look forward to exploring health equity, the social determinants of health, and the steps needed to ensure that every person is provided with the best opportunities possible. Learn more about the Opening Plenary.



Tuesday Leading Change Sessions

Choose from two Leading Change Sessions on Tuesday, November 15. 

Leading Change Session: Ensuring Access to High-Quality Healthcare

Many people don’t get access to the health services they need. In this interactive session, a panel of leaders will take a deeper dive into the social determinant of health, “health care access and quality," and what it means to have true, quality care. Led by Ilka Riddle, Director of the University of Cincinnati UCEDD, panelists will share tips, research, and experiences in getting timely, high-quality care for all people with disabilities and their families who want and need to live healthy and dignified lives in their communities.

Leading Change Session: To Live, Move, and Have Fun in the World

Where people live, access to transportation, and recreational opportunities are critical factors in living a full life in the community. Led by Sally Gould-Taylor, Executive Director of the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University, this panel takes a closer look at the social determinant of health, “social and community context,and the importance of ensuring that people with disabilities receive support in all places where they live, work, learn, and play. Throughout the discussion, government and network leaders from across different sectors will address the vital role of social supports for people with disabilities and offer tangible recommendations for more civic and community participation.

Learn more about Tuesday's Leading Change Sessions.



Livestreaming at AUCD 2022

Ensuring that AUCD 2022 is Accessible to All

While we hope to see all members, partners, and friends in-person this November, we understand that not everyone is comfortable or able to travel to Washington, DC. Inclusion is at the core of AUCD’s mission which is why we want to give everyone the opportunity to access our main Plenary sessions and Honors Celebration. This includes Monday’s Opening Plenary, Tuesday’s Leading Change Sessions, Tuesday evening's AUCD Honors Celebration, and if located at the Marquis, Wednesday’s Closing Plenary. A special thanks to the AUCD 2022 Accessibility Sponsor, Microsoft, for supporting livestreaming at the Conference. Register for virtual access.




Hill Day at AUCD 2022

Due to the pandemic, Capitol Hill is not currently open to large group events. This year, we will be hosting our Closing Plenary at the Marquis. AUCD will provide instructions on how to conduct Hill Day visits, both virtually and in-person, in the coming weeks. While many offices will take in-person meetings with appointments, many are still only taking virtual meetings. It is up to each office to decide how they want to host a meeting. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate ongoing changes. 




Sponsor the AUCD 2022 Conference!

Sponsoring the Conference allows us to welcome more than 1,200 attendees and create opportunities for AUCD members, researchers, policymakers, disability advocates and other professionals in the disability community make deeper connections and share their work to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities. With speakers sharing compelling research and innovative ideas, AUCD is committed to providing sponsors and exhibitors with opportunities to engage with and reach out to all attendees. Learn more about AUCD Sponsorship and Exhibitor opportunities!