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Women be Healthy

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Pam Dickens
[email protected]
Phone: 919-966-0871
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The facilitator's guide is free to North Carolina residents, one free copy can be provided to those from out of state, but after this each additional copy requested costs $3.
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Women be Healthy

Hard Copy: Trainer's Guide or Manual

North Carolina partners at Div. of Public Health & FPG Child Development Center, UNC
The North Carolina Office on Disability & Health
Publication Date: 2001

Direct Support Professionals, Professionals, Health Care Professionals

22-64, 65+

Self-sufficiency, Personal Responsibility, Self-regulation, Self-management, Self-advocacy, Problem Solving, Coping, Goal-setting, Decision-making

Promotes Choice-making , Educates Others About SD

Education and Lifelong Learning, Health and Safety

Women be Healthy can be used to enable women with developmental and intellectual disabilities to be more active participants in health care. The curriculum emphasis is on health education, relaxation techniques for health exams, and assertiveness and empowerment training.

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Professional staff, health care professionals


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Webpage dissemination.

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