Occupational Therapy




Self-Determination Inventory System (SDIS) Data Dashboard (KA UCEDD)

The Self-Determination Student Inventory System (SDIS) is comprised of two new validated measures created by researchers Karrie A. Shogren and Michael L. Wehmeyer at the University of Kansas: the Self-Determination Inventory: Student Report (SDI:SR) and the Self-Determination Inventory: Parent/Teacher Report (SDI:PTR). The SDI:SR asks students questions about how they feel about their ability to be self-determined; that is to make choices, set and go after goals, and make decisions. The SDI:PTR measures a teacher's or parent/family member's perception of a young person's self-determination.




LEND Discipline Meeting: OT & PT

The 2007 Discipline Meeting was held March 3, 2007 for Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy LEND faculty and staff.