AUCD Trainee Welcome Guide

January 4, 2013


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This Trainee Welcome Guide is intended to welcome new trainees to the AUCD network, help them understand the depth and breadth of the network they are a part of, and outline some of the many benefits and resources available to them so they can maximize their time as a trainee in one of AUCD's member programs.  A membership card is included to solidify trainee identification as a "card-carrying member" of AUCD.


  • Welcome
  • Trainees and AUCD Membership
    • Who are Trainees
    • AUCD Trainees Become Leaders
    • Benefits of Trainee Membership in AUCD
    • About AUCD
  • Trainee Resources
    • Communication
    • Conferences and Webinars
  • Resources and Links


Copies of the Trainee Welcome Guide are available for purchase through AUCD by using the order form at right.