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Center for Disabilities
Sanford School of Medicine of The University of South Dakota
Department of Pediatrics
1400 West 22nd Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57105-1570
Main Phone:  605-357-1439
Toll Free Number:  800-658-3080
Main Fax:  605-357-1438
TTY:  800-658-3080
Main Email:
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Position Name Phone Email
UCEDD Director Wendy Parent-Johnson, Ph.D., CRC, CESP 605-357-1468
LEND Director Sarah Militz-Frielink, Ph.D. 605-357-1439
Lead Administrative Staff
Autism and Deaf-Blind Secretary Angie Tuffs, B.S. 605-357-1423
Clinic Coordinator, Birth to 3 Program Assistant Teresa Byrnes 605-357-1420
Department Assistant Steven Larson, M.Ed, M.Div 605-357-1426
Department Manager Pat Herman, MURP 605-357-1577
Director of Research & Development John R. Johnson, Ph.D. 605-357-1427
Fiscal Assistant Debra Carter 605-357-1431
Post-Doc Researcher Qijuan Fang, Ph.D. 419-806-7803
Specialist, Finance and Administration Jana Richardson, BBA MGMT 605-357-1473
Staff Assistant Erin Gustaf 605-357-1439
Primary Activity Coordinators
Community Support Tova Eggerstedt, MS 605-357-1430
Data Jake Cummings, Ph.D. 605-357-1428
Early Intervention Mary Fitzpatrick 605-357-1318
Information/Dissemination Ryan Bartz, B.S. 605-357-1477
Information/Dissemination Kendra Gottsleben, B.A. 605-357-1462
Research Jake Cummings, Ph.D. 605-357-1428
Research John R. Johnson, Ph.D. 605-357-1427
Technical Assistance Lacy Knutson, M.S., BCBA 605-357-1436
Technical Assistance Rose Moehring, BSW, MA-Ed, CLVT 605-357-1437
Training Director Sarah Militz-Frielink, Ph.D. 605-357-1439
Research Director John R. Johnson, Ph.D. 605-357-1427
Discipline Coordinators
Audiology Teri James Bellis, Ph.D., CCC-A, FAAA, F-ASHA 605-677-6201
Audiology Marni Johnson Martin, Au.D. 605-677-5767
Education Daniel Hajovsky, Ph.D. 605-677-5847
Education Matt Johnson, Ed.D. 605-357-1438
Family Faculty Lisa Sanderson 605-361-3171
Health Administration Carole Cochran, MSW 605-677-6432
Nutrition Kendra Kattlemann, Ph.D. 605-688-4045
Occupational Therapy Barbara Brockevelt, Ph.D., OTR/L, FAOTA 605-677-5600
Occupational Therapy Shana Cerny, OTD, OTR/L, BCP 605-658-6376
Pediatrics: Developmental/Neonatology Dennis Stevens, MD, MS 605-357-1439
Physical Therapy Lana Svien, PT, Ph.D., MA 605-677-5000
Psychology Jean Caraway, Ph.D. 605-677-5353
Psychology Daniel Hajovsky, Ph.D. 605-677-5847
Psychology Sarah Wollersheim Shervey, Ph.D. 605-677-5847
Social Work Deborah Aden, MSW 605-357-1316
Social Work Debra Norris, MSW, Ed.D. 605-677-5401
Special Education Gabriela Walker, Ph.D. 605-677-6672
Speech-Language Pathology Elizabeth Hanson, Ph.D. 605-677-5474
Speech-Language Pathology Cheryl Raysby Park, MA, CCC/SLP 605-333-4254
Specialty Resource Contacts
Leadership Consultant Greg Boris, Ed.D. 605-321-5514
Research Associate and Coordinator Richard Parent-Johnson, Ph.D. 605-357-1323
Senior Research Associate Ann Wilson, Ph.D. 605-357-1348
Social Worker Caitlin Borges, MSW, LCSW 605-357-1559
Training Associate/ School Psychologist Lisa Bannwarth, Ed.S. 605-357-1472
Project/Program/Clinic Contacts
South Dakota-National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Autism Family Support Group Caitlin Borges, MSW, LCSW 605-357-1559
Deaf-Blind Program Coordinator Rose Moehring, BSW, MA-Ed, CLVT 605-357-1437
Director of Field Education for USD's BSSW and MSW Programs Instructor in End of Life and Social Work Programs. Deborah Aden, MSW 605-357-1316
Manager, Birth to 3 Service Coordination Mary Fitzpatrick 605-357-1318
Marketing Communications Coordinator Kendra Gottsleben, B.A. 605-357-1462
Service Coordinator, Birth to 3 Connections Shannon Nelson, B.S. 605-996-3380
Service Coordinator, Birth to 3 Connections Bridget Amundson, B.S. 605-357-1419
Service Coordinator, Birth to 3 Connections Nicole Saue, BSW 605-357-1346
Service Coordinator, Birth to 3 Connections Missy Wartenbee, BSW 605-357-1446
Student Intern Marketing and Communications Specialist Consultant-Transition In Action Clinic Ryan Bartz, B.S. 605-357-1477
Training Associate Emily Meier, MA 605-357-1475
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