Integrative Imaging

Kansas Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center
Integrative Imaging

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Core Personnel
Core Director: Dianne Durham, Ph.D.
Core Co-Director: Eli Michaelis, Ph.D.
Core Manager: Don Warn, Ph.D.
Brain Imaging Coordinator: William Brooks, Ph.D.
Cytology Specialist: Ranu Pal, Ph.D.
Graphics Specialist: Phil Shafer
High Throughput Genomics Specialist: Clark Bloomer
Histology Assistant: Rosetta Barkley
Histology Specialist: Jing Huang
Layout Specialist: Chris Lorenzen
Microarray Specialist: Yafen Nui
Molecular Imaging Coordinator: Xinkun Wang, Ph.D.

Core Description

Provide skilled and knowledgeable staff and state-of-the-art equipment to support imaging-based technologies necessary for conducting cutting-edge research related to intellectual and developmental disabilities.

  • Molecular imaging including microarray and high throughput sequencing
  • Cell and tissue preparations for histological analyses
  • Image acquisition including multiple confocal microscopy platforms
  • Image analysis and processing including confocal stereology and morphometry
  • Image output including 2D and 3D renderings scientific and medical illustration



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